About Us

The State Fisheries Development Corporation Ltd is a wholly owned Undertaking of the Govt. of West Bengal and is registered under the Companies Act. It is managed by the Board of Directors, the members of whom are appointed by the Govt. of WB, with the Minister-in-Charge, Fisheries Deptt as the Chairman.The Corporation presently employs around 600 staff in its Head Office at Kolkata and in its various Fishery Projects located all across West Bengal.

The main objective of the Corporation is to aid, assist, promote, develop and scientifically exploit the fisheries and other aquatic products in West Bengal as well as in India.The Corporation also has several Inspection Bungalows located in scenic locations in the state of West Bengal.

Its other activities include acting as consultant of other Corporations and Govt. bodies in the area of fishing harbor and related activities and to taking up all civil construction activities for other Govt. Departments, Corporation and Bodies.

The State Fisheries Development Corporation Limited (SFDC Ltd) and West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Limited (WBFCL) merged w.e.f. 01.04.2018 as per the order of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.