Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart
  • MD: Managing Director
  • GM(Tech): General Manager(Technical); PM: Project Manager; APD: Assistant Project Director; PIC: Project-in-Charge
  • SPE: Senior Project Engineer; E(M&R): Engineer (Mechanical & Refrigeration); APE: Assistant Project Engineer; PE(Civil) Project Engineer(Civil)
  • Secy: Company Secretary
  • DAO: Deputy Administrative Officer; OM: Office Manager; SO: Section Officer; Adm Dept: Administration Dept
  • CAO: Chief Accounts Officer; AO: Accounts Officer; JAO: Junior Accounts Officer; A/c Dept: Accounts Dept ; PF Dept: Provident Fund Dept.

a. The appointments of PIC or Jt. PIC are normally made to persons in the post of Senior Project Officer and Junior Project Officer.