From Managing Director's Desk

"This is a matter of pride for me to witness the attainment of greater heights by The State Fisheries Development Corporation Limited. SFDC is amplifying its horizon from one sector to another like production, processing, raw, frozen and dry fish marketing by refrigerated vending van and venture in fish cuisine which is enhancing the revenue generation of our Corporation. Another praiseworthy activity by this organization is its introduction of the unique experience of fish tourism with the comfort of web based online booking system of guest houses and had given people an opportunity to have an exposure of fisheries based Eco tourism and most interestingly took a very imperative role in the arena of “fine and fun dining’ encouraging the traditional Bengali fish cuisine by means of using fishes of its own farms and also dared to make new venture with them in multi cuisine restaurants. We would be ecstatic to have you by our side in accomplishment of our objective.”