A Glimpse Of Major Work

Particulars Name of Work Location Capacity/ Distance Expenditure (in Lakh) Remarks
COLD STORAGE Construction of Cold Storage at Deshapran Fishing Harbour Petuaghat, Purba Medinipur 200 MT 689.99 Completed in 2017
Construction of Cold Storage at Namkhana Namkhana, South 24 Parganas 200 MT 139.45 Work in Progress
BEEL Entrance Channel at Minor Fishing Harbour at Harwood Point Kakdwip, South 24 Parganas 4 Km. 2828.94 Completed in 2014
Dal Gangli Beel Lalgola, Murshidabad 44 Hector 2121.52 Completed in 2015
Dubda Canal Shankarpur, Purba Medinipur 3 Km. 1549.65 Completed in 2016
Sewage Fed Fishery Nabadwip, Nadia 12 Hector 810.00 Completed in 2017
Bansdaha Beel Purbasthali, Burdwan 40 Hector 2386.87 Work in Progress
Sakrol Beel Gazole, Maldah 32 Hector 636.62 Work in Progress
Kapaichandi Beel Harishchandrapur, Maldah 16 Hector 274.86 Work in Progress
Charcharia Beel South 24 Parganas 55 Hector 811.17 Work in Progress
Up-gradation of Navigability by Dredging in Mandarmani River Mandarmani, Purba Medinipur 1.5 Km. 110.00 Work in Progress
Up-gradation of Navigability by dredging at Nayachar Channel Nayachar, Purba Medinipur 1.1 Km. 17.00 Work in Progress
OTHER INFRASTRUCTURES MARKET Fish Seed Market at Sinhati Ramnagar, Bankura 60 Nos. Stall 1064.43 Completed in 2013
Fish Seed Market at Rajendrapur, Jora Battala Naihati, North 24 Parganas 48 Nos. Stall 742.54 Completed in 2014
Upgradation of Wholesale Fish Market Howrah 230Nos. Stall 225.26 Work in Progress
Particulars Name of Work Location Capacity/ Distance Expenditure in Lakh Remarks
OTHER INFRASRTUCTURES ROAD Bituminous Road from Murarishah Petrol Pump to Gerakupi More at Hasnabad Basirhat II, Dist. - North 24 Parganas 4.80 Km. 280.60 Completed in 2013
Concrete Road from Khapur to Bahadurpur Nalhati, Birbhum 4.10 Km. 211.00 Completed in 2014
Bituminous Road from Jugarmore to Bhumihar Sagardighi, Murshidabad 14.40 Km. 739.83 Completed in 2015
Concrete Road from Janubazar Bus Stand to Sahapur Illambazar, Birbhum 2.10 Km. 105.00 Completed in 2015
Bituminous Road from Balanagar to Uladanga Sagardighi, Murshidabad 2.54 Km. 168.62 Completed in 2016
OTHER INFRASRTUCTURES Dry Dock Petuaghat, Purba Medinipur 2 Nos. vessels/ day 120.00 Completed in 2016
Mechanical Fishing Vessels Petuaghat, Purba Medinipur 6 Nos. vessels/ day 293.00 Work in Progress
Up-gradation of Fish Landing Centre Soulla, Purba Medinipur 70 Nos. vessls 54.00 Work in Progress