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1NIT No:Misc-422/14-15/T-85 of 2019-20/1655, Dt.25.02.20 Download View
2NIQ No:Misc-456/2019-20/1667, Dt. 26.02.20 Download View
3Corrigendum Misc-16/GO/17/T-83 to T-84 of 2019-20/1730, Dt.16.03.20 Download View
4NIQ No:216/Adm-641/18, Dt.18.03.2020 Download View
5MISC-422/14-15/T-10 OF 2020-21, DT.27.04.2020 Download View
6NIT No: Dev-726/2018-19/Part-B/T-06 of 2020-21, Dt.28.04.20 Download View
7NIT No: Misc-454/2019-20/T-07 of 2020-21, Dt.28.04.20 Download View
8NIT No: Dev-261/15-16/P-IV/T-08 of 2020-21, Dt.28.04.2020 Download View
9NIT No: Dev-124/14-15/Part-III/T-09 of 2020-21, Dt.28.04.20 Download View
10NIQ No: 237/Adm-641/18, Dt.04.05.20 Download View
11NIT No. MISC-454/2019-20/T-11 to T-12 of 2020-21/1865 Dt 28/05/2020 Download View
12NIT No.: Dev-261/15-16/P-VI/T-13 to T-14 of 2020-21/1861, Dt.28.05.20 Download View
13NIT No.: Dev-432/18-19/Part-C/T-15 to T-16 of 2020-21/1863,Dt.28.05.20 Download View
14NIT No.: Dev-124/14-15/Part-III/T-17 of 2020-2021/1859, Dt.28.05.20 Download View
15NIT No.: Dev-726/2018-19/Part-B/T-18 to T-21 of 2020-21/15, Dt.11.06.20 Download View
16Corrigendum Dev-726/2018-19/Part-B/T-18-T-21 of 2020-21, Dt.11.06.20 Download View
17NIQ No.: 266/1(7)/Adm-641/18 (2nd call), Dt.10.06.20 Download View
18NIT No.: Misc-16/GO/17 T-22 of 2020-21/77, Dt.25.06.20 Download View
19NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-04(e)/2020-21 (2nd call), Dt.29.06.20 Download View
20NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-05(e)/2020-21 2nd call,Dt.08.07.20 Download View
21NIT No.:SFDC/MD/NIT-06(e)/2020-21, (3rd call), Dt.09.07.20 Download View
22NIT No: NIT No.: Dev-726/2018-19/Part-B/T-23 to T-26 of 2020-21/111, Dt. 09.07.20 Download View
23NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-07(e)/2020-21, 3rd call, dt.16.07.20 Download View
24NIT No: SFDC/MD/NIT-07(e)/2020-21, 3rd call,dt.16.07.20 Download View
25NIT No: Dev-261/15-16/P-VI/T-27 to T-30 of 2020-21/205, dt.06.08.20 Download View
26NIT No: Misc-422/14-15/T-31 to T-32 of 2020-21/207, dt.06.08.20 Download View
27NIT No: Dev-432/18-19/Part-C/T-33 to T-37 of 2020-21/203, Dt.06.08.20 Download View
28NIT NO: SFDC/MD/NIT-09(e)/2020-21, (3rd call), Dt.18.08.20 Download View
29NIQ No: SFDCL/MD/NIQ-10(e)/2020-21, Dt.28.08.20 Download View
30NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-08(e)(2nd call)/2020-21, Dt.04.09.20 Download View
31NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-11(e)/2020-21, Dt.04.09.20 Download View
32NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-12(e)2020-21, Dt.21.09.20 Download View
33NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-07(e)/2020-21,(4thCall), Dt.25.09.20 Download View
34NIT No.:Dev-432/18-19/Part-C/T-38 to T-43 of 2020-21/412, Dt.28.09.20 Download View
35NIT No.: Misc-422/14-15/T-44 to T-45 of 2020-21/414, Dt.28.09.20 Download View
36NIT No.: Dev-432/18-19/Part-C/T-47 to T-48 of 2020-21/435, Dt.01.10.20 Download View
37NIQ No.: SFDCL/MD/NIQ-13(e)/2020-21, Dt.06.10.20 Download View
38NIT No: Misc-16/GO/17/T-46 of 2020-21/511, Dt.13.10.20 Download View
39NIT No: SFDC/MD/NIT-14(e)/2020-21, Dt.13.10.20 Download View
40NIT No.Dev-738/2018-19/ T-49 to T-57 of 2020-21/546, Dt.15.10.20 Download View
41NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-15(e)/2020-21, Dt.06.11.20 Download View
42NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-14(e)/2020-21, (2nd Call), Dt.10.11.20 Download View
43NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-16(e)/2020-21, Dt.11.11.20 Download View
44NIQ No.: SFDCL/MD/NIQ-17(e)/2020-21, Dt.04.12.20 Download View
45NIT No.:Misc-456/2019-20/T-67 of 2020-21,Dt 17.12.20 Download View
46NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-18(e)/2020-21, Dt.11.12.20 Download View
47NIT No.: Dev-803/2020-21/T-68 to T-76 of 2020-21, Dt.21.12.20 Download View
48NIQ No.: SFDCL/MD/NIQ-19(e)/2020-21, Dt.28.12.20 Download View
49NIT No.: Dev-803/2020-21/T-77 to T-86 of 2020-21/1028, Dt.31.12.20 Download View
50NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-20(e)/2020-21, Dt.19.01.21 Download View
51NIT No.:111/Dev-800/2020-21, Dt.15.01.21 Download View
52NITNo. Dev-803/2020-21/T-87 to T-96 of 2020-21, dt.27.01.21 Download View
53NIT No.: Tender/Cul/2021-22/1203, Dt.27.01.21 Download View
54NIT No.: Dev-803/2020-21/T-97 to T-112 of 2020-21/1229, dt.28.01.21 Download View
55NIT No.: Dev-803/2020-21/T-113 to T-125 of 2020-21/1233, Dt. 28.01.21 Download View
56NIT No.: Dev-803/2020-21/T-126 to T-138 of 2020-21/1253, dt.03.02.21 Download View
57NIT No.: 132/Const-7/01, Pt.VI, Dt.09.02.2021 Download View
58NIT No.:140/Const-170/2021, Dt.11.02.2021 Download View
59NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-22(e)/2020-21, Dt.10.02.2021 Download View
60NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-23(e)/2020-21, Dt.11.02.2021 Download View
61NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-24(e)/202-21, Dt.12.02.21 Download View
62NIT No.: Dev-261/15-16/P-VI/T-139 to T-151 of 2020-21, Dt.12.02.21 Download View
63NIT No.: Misc-456/2019-20/T-152 of 2020-21, Dt.12.02.21 Download View
64NIT No.:SFDC/MD/NIT-01(e)/2021-2022, dt.13.05.21 Download View
65NIT No. SFDC/MD/NIT-01(e)/2021-22, Dt.13.05.21 Download View
66NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-02(e)/2021-22, Dt.21.06.21 Download View
67NIQ. No. 230/Adm-447/04, (Pt-VI), Dt.06.07.21 Download View
68Corrigendum NIT No: SFDC/MD/NIt-02(e)/2021-2022/140, Dt.21.06.21 Download View
69NIT No: Dev-821/2021-2022/T-01 to T-04 of 2021-22, Dt.22.07.21 Download View
70NIQ: Misc:16/GO/17/238, Dt.03.08.21 Download View
71NIT No: Dev-821/2021-2022/T-05 to T-09, Dt.10.08.21 Download View
72NIQ: Misc-16/GO/17/348, Dt.06.09.2021 Download View
73NIQ: Misc-16/GO/17/346, Dt.06.09.2021 Download View
74NIQ-Misc-16/GO/17/343, Dt.06.09.2021 Download View
75NIQ-Misc-16/GO/17/352, Dt.08.09.2021 Download View
76NIQ No.232/Const-158/2020, Dt.22/04/2020 Download View
77Dev-726/2018-19/Part- B/T- 01 to T- 02 of 2020-21/1784 Dt 24/04/2020 Download View
78Misc-454/2019-20/T- 03 of 2020-21/1791 Dt 24/04/2020 Download View
79261/15-16/P-VI/T- 04 of 2020-21/1789 Dt 24/04/2020 Download View
80124/14-15/Part-III/ T- 05 of 2020-2021/1787 Dt 24/04/2020 Download View